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Drayage Las Vegas

Drayage or package handling fees as hotel’s call them refer to the fees charged to receive and deliver your materials to your meeting or event space. In most cases, they charge you an outbound package handling fee as well. In addition, since hotels or meeting venues have limited storage space they can charge you storage fees for materials that arrive early. When comparing costs many meeting planners are shocked to find that their drayage or package handling fees are actually higher than their shipping costs.

Send us your meeting and event materials to arrive in our warehouse before your meeting or event. We receive them and deliver them to your location at a specified time. After your meeting or event is over we pick up your materials and ship them back to you via your logistics partner (FedEx, UPS, DHL or LTL carrier). We do all of this while saving you up to 50% of what a hotel’s business center would charge.

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