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No job is too large or too small, from bag stuffing to kit assembly we work with local charities to fulfill your value added needs.

Pick and Pack

We break down your master shipments into individual orders for shipment.

Cross Docking

Our Cross Docking solutions reduce your warehousing cost and streamline the logistics process with little or marginal handling and storage space.

Custom Sorting

Need to hit the ground running at your next meeting. We can sort your materials by region, division or however you need it.

Delivery And Pickup

We feature a modern fleet of delivery vehicles; from truckloads to individual packages no order is too large or too small. Our professional, courteous and knowledgeable staff can handle all of your needs and requirements.

Inventory Control

24/7 online inventory access through our website so you can keep track of all of your shipments and can confirm outbound and inbound consignments. Inventory is updated daily so you can get a snapshot of what has been received and what is outstanding. We take the guesswork out of your materials management.

Convention Freight

We offer delivery as well as pickup from all of Orlando’s and Las Vegas’s convention centers and hotels. Providing short-term as well as long-term storage solutions for all of your trade show and event materials. Using innovative and state of the art technology along with established relationships ensure on-time pickup and delivery.


Whether it’s for 1 day or for one year our state-of-the-art facilities provide your meeting and event materials with protection from the elements and added security. We offer climate controlled warehouse spaces to protect your materials from cold and heat. Video Monitoring provides surveillance 24/7 and a highly advanced fire protection system offers added protection.

Drayage and what is it

Drayage or package handling fees as hotel’s call them refer to the fees charged to receive and deliver your materials to your meeting or event space. In most cases, they charge you an outbound package handling fee as well. In addition, since hotels or meeting venues have limited storage space they can charge you storage fees for materials that arrive early. When comparing costs many meeting planners are shocked to find that their drayage or package handling fees are actually higher than their shipping costs.


Meeting and Event Logistics was founded by a group of Las Vegas-based meeting professionals with over 30 years of experience in meetings, trade shows, and special events. Save meeting planners up to 50% on their hotel package handling fees on inbound and outbound shipments.

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